Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WMBR fundraising this Wednesday!!!

617-253-8810 The WMBR fundraiser is upon us and my turn at bat is this coming Wednesday (November 2nd) between 6-8pm. We only do this once a year and rely on listeners to make up a huge portion of our operating budget so we do need your help. There are some excellent premiums that I helped pick out, available to all pledgers to WMBR in general, you can see them here (I even designed one). I have a special way to thank donors to my show: with a brand new, super-special, Intercontinental t-shirt, designed by the amazingly talented artist John Dretzka. It's available for a $50 donation, and you get it in addition to the regular WMBR shirts and stuff for that level donation. It will be on a Smoke colored Anvil t-shirt.
This is kind of what it looks like on a young white dude:
ALSO, there is a brand new Intercontinental sticker, designed by me, that will be given to all donors of my show, regardless of the amount. It will be 3"x3":
ALSO, there will be some special cds and LPs and stuff that we'll be giving away ONLY during my show. These will not be available from WMBR in general, they will be given away as drawings between 6-8pm, you can only get them by calling 67-253-8810 tomorrow. ALSO, for a pledge of $150, you can come down and do an hour of my show for me! Come hang out in the vast WMBR record library and see our basement music factory for yourself! We can talk records. All this and you will be taking part in one of the most exciting radio stations in New England and and world. Where you spend your money is perhaps the most important way to effect the cultural landscape of your world. Please consider helping out this amazing station and my little show.