Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WFMU has been holding a month-long silent fundraiser during October, leading up to this week of station-wide shows featuring 45rpm singles, leading up the world-class WFMU Record Fair, still scheduled to go forward as of this post.

Though the station has been fundraising all month, it hasn't sounded like it at all because we're committed to maintaining "normal" programming all month. That said, we're sitting at 63% of our goal while I've personally raised about 33% of my show's goal.

The station and all streaming services are currently off the air today, knocked out by hurricane Sandy. Because WFMU isn't associated with any college or university, we don't have the sheltering funds and facilities that many other free-form stations across the country enjoy. This means that any disaster like this stresses the station's own personal funds even more. Please help support this amazing organization if you can. https://www.wfmu.org/marathon/pledge.php?pr=KK

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